I was very fortunate and blessed growing up to have a father who owned various exotic cars.  In 2016 I came across not only some of my old 16mm and 35mm prints, but also many old original negatives of my 35mm photos.  I decided to clean up nearly 600+ photos and share them online.    This involved scanning, cleaning up dust and scratches, and light touch up and color correction in Photoshop.  In most cases I tried to leave the photos as original as possible.  In a few cases I created duplicates to do further processing.

As you can tell most of his later cars were Italian, and red/tan.  For me growing up mostly in the 80s it was all about the Ferrari 308 and later the Lamborghini Countach we owned during that time.  I still remember waiting for the bus to Middle School in our garage in the winter while standing next to our Ferrari 308 with friends.

In addition to owning a number of cars from the earlier Jaguar XKE's to the eventual Murcielago and such, we also went to various shows and visited auto dealers on vacation.  The main exotic show we attended in the midwest was the "Italian Happening" around Dearborn, MI.  I have quite a few photos in the Car Shows gallery from 1987 and 1989.  In addition we also did several vacations to Los Angeles, CA.  Being in car happy California and on vacation we stopped at a LOT of car dealers while we were out here.  Most of the vacation photos are from a trip we took in 1989.

I've broken the areas here up by type of car to make viewing more simple and ordered mostly chronologically.  Some galleries have only a few photos, others have over a hundred.  If you enjoy this you may wish to check out some related old videos from these cars and events on my youTube page (these are still going online slowly) or my Instagram Account (carsandchords).  I do ask that you please do not repost these pictures without permission.  In addition to my fathers cars, I include a few galleries at the end of some of my cars, as well as one of my brothers.  Since we both became a bit car crazy too, I thought it was fitting to add here.

Enjoy the Photos!     - Michael