Car Week 2016 - Michael Comet

Car Week 2016

Well here are pictures from this year. I once again headed down to Monterey/Pebble Beach Car Week. This year was fun but I was sick and had a sore throat. I ended up having to give away my Concorso Italiano tickets to a friend, and had to turn down things like RM Auction in the evening. I still managed to push myself and did a fair bit. Oh well, maybe next year.

Picture quality varies here... most are quick shots with my iPhone... some are taken with my tiny old Canon point and shoot, particularly most of the car spotting pictures in Carmel. I sort of went for basic shots and quick this year. Based on how I was feeling, I didn't spent a lot of time framing pictures nicely and there are quite a few from 17 mile drive as it was easier to drive than walk around. Maybe next time I'll put more thought in. There are a few credited shots from my friend Gus who had proper camera gear.

There are around 700-800 photos here so give it time...